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Team Captains are energetic & motivated! They're passionate about making their workplace & community happier & healthier by recruiting co-workers, friends, and family for an exciting fitness, networking, and team-building event!


Creating the Team

  • Don't worry, it's quick & easy!

Recruiting Co-Workers, Friends, & Family

  • We have plenty of great tools to help you out!

Managing the Team

  • All the tools to plan & communicate are in one spot, the Captain's Hub. 

Motivating Your Team

  • Encourage your team members to join & participate in all of the evening activities!

Submitting Results (Optional)

  • Visit the Events & Awards page to see all of the awards your team can compete for.



Who can join my team?

Anyone can join! Invite your family, friends, co-workers, and more!

What are the team size requirements?

There is no minimum or maximum number of members. Teams can be as small or large as you'd like! 

Does my team have to be a company?

Not at all! A team is defined as any group. Examples are not-for-profit organizations, local social clubs, friends and family members, etc.!