1 Mile Wellness Walk & Run

Start Time: 6:30 PM

Experience the beauty of the downtown riverfront alongside course entertainment in the 1-mile Wellness Walk & Run. The event takes place before the 3-Mile Riverfront Run, allowing participants to take part in both distances. The fun 1-Mile Wellness Walk & Run is perfect for those guests looking for a lighter fitness experience, and for those with children & strollers.


3 Mile Riverfront Run

Start Time: 7:00 PM

The 3-Mile Riverfront Run is a great option for those looking to compete as a team or for those looking to casually participate in a fun evening of fitness. Runners will complete (3) laps of the 1-mile course along the entertaining and scenic route throughout the downtown riverfront. Individual runners & team runners will share the course and have the unique opportunity to run side-by-side to cheer & encourage each other along the way!


Take part in three exciting group fitness classes led by local instructors - Yoga, HIIT, & Stretching! Classes are 15-20 minutes in length and begin at:

  • 6:10 PM, 6:40 PM, 7:40 PM, 8:00 PM

Jump into your favorite class before or after your run / walk, or you can choose to do all of them!

Group Fitness Classes

Start Time: 6:10 PM


Party in the Park

The Party in the Park is where all the action happens! Enjoy free local food & drinks from our community partners, alcoholic beverages (age 21+), team photo stations, music, the electric atmosphere of the finish, and much more!


Registered members will have access to all the amenities of the Party in the Park.

Start Time: 6:00 PM